Timber usually falls into two catagories Hardwood and Softwood.

All my windows will have been made from a slow growing softwood Norwegian Redwood.

All my window sills will be made from an Indonesian hardwood Red Marantee.

If hardwood is the material of choice a Sappelli is used as standard as its properties are ideal for joinery use.

All the timber we use is of Joinery Grade and sourced from sustainable areas and comply with all current regulations

Timber of choice for our company is Norwegian Redwood (softwood) and African Sappelli (hardwood).

Norwegian redwood is one of the best variety of pine with a slow kiln drying process it will give you a reliable moisture content with less knots and shakes making it very stable for the manufacturing of joinery products.

Sappelli hardwood is a very strong, dense wood with good durability and sustainable grain structure.

This hardwood has an inbuilt natural presevative.

All timbers can be sourced and manufactured depending on what you desire. We recommend a softwood frame and hardwood sill.

We also offer a painting service if you require or advice.