Generally the glass we use is Pilkington K glass, which is a high energy efficient glass that will provide you with maximum insulation against sound.

The Pilkington K glass is used to construct a double glazed unit of a depth of 24mm giving you a 16mm air gap meeting with current British Standards.

Double glazed units can be made from varying components with varying degrees of insulation and designs.

Acoustic - Victorian (wavy) - Toughened - Safety - Self Cleaning - Glass to house hand rolled stained glass - Leaded lights.

As standard we externally bead all our windows & doors as the profile of the bead replicates the original window mould accurately. As all beads and glass are bedded into glazing silicone and glazing putty it makes it almost impossible to remove without destruction of the window.

Glazing Bars

Our wide range of glazing bars enable each customer to replicate their own specific requirements.

This enables each new window to fit respectfully within its original surroundings

Our face fix glazing bars give the delicate 18mm 0r 20mm profile which is required within many conservation areas.

You can choose 38mm or 41mm glazing bar depending on your required effect.

All windows are manufactured with integral draught excluders to give you reduced acoustic levels and increased warmth.