All windows are fitted with a clear preservative and primer as standard. Additional undercoat, topcoat with knotting solution

and end grain sealers will help give you a lasting timber window.

All coatings should be applied by a professional painter & decorator.

We Can apply 4 coats of oil based Sikkens Microporouse paint. Hand painted before installation by a Dulux specialist.

2 separate colours will incur an extra cost.

All colour charts are catered for, including Farrow and Ball. The little Green Company.

No spray finishes on final coats as we only give a hard paint finish to maximise the traditional aesthetics of the window.

We can replicate most colours as long as we have a B.S code or an R.A.L number.

All types of finishes are offered i.e. Gloss, Satin, Eggshell and Matt.

All paintwork is carried out in a sterile paint workshop.

Timber is a living product and sealing in the moisture content of the timber should be of the highest priority, otherwise your timber will absorb solar gain, unwanted moisture and humidity resulting in deflection, movement and surface damage.

Recommended Paint Finishes

Paint that bonds and stays firmly on the surface over time. Painting over the original finish eliminates the need for re-sanding and stripping. Full painting is only necessary once every seven years subject to previous care and attention

High finish low maintenance end grain seaters

Jotun Demidekk

Demidekk Optimal is an opaque water-borne silk finish woodstain for the decorative protection of exterior timber. * Fast drying - 2 coats in one day * Microporous * UV restant * 12 years maintenance free Colour Choice 200 most BS 4800 and RAL shades